They say it always seems impossible until it’s done. Did you know that one of Albert Einsteins teacher described him “mentally slow, unsociable, and adrift forever in foolish dreams.” Or that Walt Disney was fired by a newspaper editor because “he lacked imagination and had no good ideas.”?

Some of us just choose to be different, choose to challenge the world and norms. Dreams are never average. Neither are people – it’s nice to have you with us. Get out there and get Hölmö!

So what is HØLMØ?

Hölmö (HØLMØ) is a Finnish word to describe a person, thing or an action that is somehow goofy, crazy, silly, reckless or even stupid. That is why we ended up describing our mindset as we do.

As a company Hölmö is a group of friends. Designers, visualists and producers from Finland. We want to create clothes so cool it would be foolish not to wear them.

Yes, many people have told us it would be foolish to kick up a clothing brand nowadays. But ain’t that the thing? We’ve had an idea about high-quality clothing for those who follow their hearts not the rules. So, what the f**k? We gave it a go.

What would have happened if no one ever would have been a bit of a fool? Nothing. We are HØLMØ. Welcome to the party!


“Hi mom! I came up with a clothing brand!”
“What?” Don’t be hölmö!”
– Yup , this is what happened

A young man wakes up in his apartment. He’s feeling kinda heavy headed, aftemathinc – hangoverish after last night. Someone has been drinking spirits with his mouth.

The night was about having a creative moment around a clothing brand. The idea of high-quality and cool clothing has been there for years, but the way to call it – a name that would breath the spirit of its user – has been missing.

Next morning the dude’s mom is calling. Like any other mom, she asks what her son has been doing lately. The dude tells they’ve been working on clothing which would express the feelings of people with different approaches to life and with questioning point of views towards norms and regulations. Then, a sudden silence strikes.  Mom asks: “Pitääkö sun aina olla noin hölmö? – Do you always have to be that fool?”.

And there it was. All the thoughts and feelings summed up in one question. To be break the rules, you got to be a bit fool. That is how we became HØLMØ (Hölmö).